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The School Warwickshire

At The School Warwickshire, we believe that the national curriculum is lacking in a number of essential areas. To address this problem, we’ve dedicated ourselves to teaching students in a stimulating and enriching outside environment, furnishing them with key skills that will last a lifetime.

Our Testimonials

  • When Tom first had this vision, I thought what an Inspirational man. A father in society who wants the best for his son but also other children. To take the time, consideration and effort setting up a group on a weekend for other families to enjoy and nothing from a personal gain, but pure care and love.How could you not want to be part of such a beautiful idea. We have thoroughly enjoyed every weekend’s activities, locations and meeting new people. The group has been a massive success and hopefully will only grow, to make other people feel “part of something”.

    A community coming together, connecting and in the best possible way … through nature. With all thanks to Tom

    Sophie ~ Tamworth

  • Myself and my two boys 5 and 11 months have been attending toms Sunday outdoor adventures since the first group and we love it. There is nothing better than being outdoors exploring and enjoying time with lovely people. There has never been a moment where someone hasn’t felt unwelcome even new people come each week and it’s like a growing family. Everyone gets stuck into the activities that are taking place even sports day for the children and the adults enjoyed the sack race too. Sunday is my oldest boys favourite thing to do. Tom has done amazing setting this up the children are learning new skills every week.

    Anna ~ Long Itchington

  • I have been to the outdoor activity groups that Tom arranges and me and my little one loved it. We learnt some important life skills and gave us the opportunity to meet with some lovely kind-hearted people. Tom engages really well with all the children and is happy to show them anything he knows such as how to cook on an open fire, physical sports activities and social skills. I am very grateful for the support and opportunities you offer, it’s lovely to spend time in nature with like-minded people.

    Kelly ~ Birmingham


We’re not concerned about ticking boxes. Instead, we put children first. Our curriculum focuses on equipping them with knowledge that they can draw on throughout their lives, emphasising mental development, social skills and spirituality.


Much of the stuff covered in traditional classrooms cannot be directly applied to real-life situations. At The School Warwickshire, we teach mechanics, gardening, foraging, building, archery, cooking and so much more. These are all vital skills that can be used outside of educational settings.

Mental Health

Good mental health is integral to our overall happiness. We take steps to enhance our students’ understanding of themselves and how their minds work, treating spiritual growth and wellbeing in the same way as we do physical development.

Forest School


The pandemic has had a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of our children. Many have struggled through isolation and missed out on important parts of their education. Our commitment to bettering the social capabilities of our students ensures that this has no lasting effect on their ability to communicate and interact with the world around them.

The Future
Of Education

We are currently raising funds to make our dream of an alternative educational space a reality. By donating to our crowdfunding campaign, you will help us in our mission to provide students with access to a well-rounded spiritual, mental and physical education away from the constraints of mainstream learning.

Find out more about what we do and why you should donate by watching the video below.

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