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How Our Forest School Favours A Natural Approach To Education

One of the biggest aims of The School Warwickshire is to provide a viable alternative to more traditional modes of education. This will be achieved through a commitment to forest school methods, which are styles of learning that have their roots in early-90s Scandinavia

Despite our country’s continued faith in conventional, classroom-based teaching, it has been all too easy for many British children to fall through the cracks. We believe, as do others, that true potential can only be realised by encouraging outdoor learning and offering activities that support the physical, mental and spiritual development of our students. 

Read on how to discover more about our forthcoming forest school and the benefits of its natural approach to education. 


An Alternative To Mainstream Methods 


Traditionally, many students enrolled in the mainstream school system have been expected to learn in restrictive indoor settings. This has changed considerably since the UK Government’s launch of the Manifesto For Learning Outside The Classroom in 2006, but there is still a long way to go. 

Multiple studies have identified several key benefits of nature-based learning, with reduced stress, improved concentration and better engagement just three examples of how this can be advantageous to our children. 

The School Warwickshire, in its provision of hands-on learning experiences within a natural environment, offers a safe space in which students can achieve success away from the classroom. 


What Makes Us A Forest School? 


Our way of teaching falls in line with what can be found at forest schools throughout the world. By placing an emphasis on fostering resilience, supporting risk and encouraging problem-solving, we strive to enhance the confidence and self-esteem of all of our students. All of our activities, which include mechanics, building, foraging and cooking, will take place outside and will provide endless opportunities for exploration, experimentation and self-growth. 

The coronavirus pandemic has dealt a significant blow to the mental health and social capabilities of our children. The School Warwickshire aims to right those wrongs. 


Join Our Mission


The forest school model has become increasingly popular since it was first introduced into the country. We need your help to take this to the next level. Donate to our crowdfunding campaign today and enable us to inspire children everywhere to reach their true potential. 

For all other enquiries, visit our website. 


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