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The School Warwickshire, A New School In Warwickshire

Here at The School Warwickshire, we’re passionate about education. We believe that mainstream schooling doesn’t entirely equip children with the tools they need to become the successful people we know they can be.

When we open, we will aim to provide children with the tools necessary to learn a vast range of skills, which they can use in all aspects of their lives for years to come. The lessons we provide encourage mental development, social interaction and spirituality, amongst a whole host of other mindful skills. We think these qualities are overlooked in most other schooling systems and that this can have a detrimental effect on a child’s wellbeing. 


What Do We Do At The School Warwickshire?


Our alternative approach to education emphasises the importance of learning in a fun and engaging environment. This is something that is often lacking when children are sat inside a typical classroom setting. We place an emphasis on practical skills, such as building, growing vegetables, forestry, spirituality, reflexology and guided meditation.

When taught together, our curriculum encourages children to embrace their creativity and learn how to deal with their emotions, regardless of academic ability, class, ethnicity or religion. Guided meditation in particular is a huge help for children, it improves their attention span, helps them to deal with stress, aids their overall wellbeing and enables them to fall asleep faster. 

This practice is typically associated with adults, but the earlier the activity is introduced, the sooner an individual will be able to benefit from it. 

It’s been a tough time for children recently and many have been left with complex emotions they’ve not been able to deal with. We believe our teaching methods will give children the tools they need to navigate the world they find themselves in, and we’ll be there to help them on every step of their journey.


The School Warwickshire


But What Makes Us So Special?


We put children first. We’re not concerned about ticking boxes, all we want is for the children in our care to achieve their full potential. 

With a more well-rounded education, they will be able to meet their goals. Children from The School Warwickshire ill go on to lead long and fulfilling lives and one day, they’ll fondly remember their time with us as some of their best years. 

We’re not just here for children either. As well as establishing a strong sense of community for children, we ensure that families benefit from being around other like-minded parents who value the importance of their children’s alternative education. The world of creative learning is a place filled with several voices, but when it comes to your child’s education, you can trust The School Warwickshire.


How You Can Help The School Warwickshire


At the moment, we offer free and inclusive classes for children up to the age of 16 and our operation will soon be a larger one. In order for us to make that dream a reality, we really will need your help.

We have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to generate some much-needed funds, which will be used to renovate our premises. When this site opens, it will become The School Warwickshire’s central hub, which students themselves will get the chance to renovate and decorate. This space will truly be theirs and we can’t wait to make it happen.

To donate to our campaign, please click here. For further information about The School Warwickshire, please get in touch etc.

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